4 simple tips for better web designing

It’s the era of the customer. With the help of the internet, customers have direct access to your products and services. They can easily find out more about your business, browse various options available and rate your performance. For small businesses, it’s extremely important to make their presence felt on the web. But, will any web presence do the magic? No! It is important that you have a website with engaging Web Designing and themes.

Web Designing

Web Designing

Having a great website is pretty much compulsory these days if you want any kind of online presence. The content is important, but it’s the design that draws the eye. It’s something that makes a good first impression and it’s important to make the most of that first impression. Here are 4 simple tips for a better web design by Root and Wings Media, the Best Web Designing Agency in Delhi:

Attract viewers with illustrations:

There is nothing more boring than a plain text-only website with no attractive images. Images and other illustrations are meant to engage viewers for more time and thus increase your SEO score. Without illustrations, your website is just like a car with no windshield. Well-chosen illustrations can add new life to your website and make it a more breath-taking experience for users. Also, unique illustrations make the website recognizable for everyone.

Convey subtly with fonts:

Typography has its advantage when it comes to websites. Various fonts tell their own story and can communicate better with users. Choose the font which suits your business and industry and let the users have a fun time on the website reading and going through the content in an attractive font. Just make sure that the font is easy to read and compatible with other fonts on the website.

Incorporate videos for better engagement:

Videos tend to keep a user attached to the website for longer. When a user sees an interesting video related to your business on the website, s/he may click on it and watch it. As long as they watch the video, the engagement time of your website increases. Engagement time is one of the key factors that helps Google give SEO scores and list websites on top.

Play with the colors:

Gone are the days when screens used to be fixed at colors. Now, as the screen quality improves, vibrant and new colors are easily visible. Playing with colors on your website and selecting the best which suits your niche can be a great thing at designing a website. Do not just stick for safe color palettes when you can go for numerous other colors. Find your target audience, analyze their information and align everything to your niche while selecting the color for your website.

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