5 best social media content for amazing lead generation

It’s no secret that social media has a huge influence on buying decisions of consumers. According to this Forbes article, 70% of consumers say they’re more likely to make a purchase after learning about a product or service on social media. This blog is about how to best leverage your social media content to ensure Lead Generation.

lead generation

lead generation

Content marketing is a well-known method of Lead Generation and is currently the most popular technique for marketing and conversion. According to our reports, roughly 70% of the marketers from different industries have used content marketing in their lead generation campaigns. This statistic shows how important it is to have a content marketing strategy for your business growth. Here are the five best social media content for amazing lead generation:


A webinar is a type of social media content that helps more leads for your business. Here’s how you can get leads through this type of social media content. A good way to get leads from a webinar would be to share it on Facebook or YouTube but only make it available for a limited time and encourage people to enter their email addresses so they have access to the recording as well as any other accompanying materials that may have been provided if applicable. A great way to generate an audience pool is where one collects email addresses!


Video marketing is becoming increasingly common. We’re in a generation where 82% of marketers have identified video content as the top type to optimize their social media ads and campaigns according to Ipsos Marketing Custom. See, seeing is believing. Video allows you to capture your audience visually which makes it twice as likely that they’ll be interested in whatever it is you’re trying to sell them on your products or services. Identify and research what types of videos are popular on the platforms your customers and clients are most active on (for example if you’re selling an app for iPhone then obviously make sure you create an organic Instagram story about how entertaining it can be when playing with an app like yours).


An ebook is one of the best types of social media content to generate leads in 2022. It helps showcase your expertise and skill-sets because it tends to be much more detailed and longer than a blog post. The obvious question is how to even produce an eBook? Well, compile your blog posts to create an eBook. Ensure you choose your best content while writing it down. Once you are done with creating it, use Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to share it with your target audience and ask for their email address in exchange.

Live streams:

Live streams give you the opportunity to connect with those who follow your social media accounts live and in real-time. What’s great is that people can catch up on these videos at a later time if they miss them while they are life. We love that live streams help create urgency around your product or service because something only becomes available during a certain timeframe, and sometimes this means extra incentive is required “come together and take advantage of this now!” Avoid creating any incentive that would make anyone feel like they have been taken advantage of.

Customers Testimonials:

Customer stories can provide great social proof to generate leads. You should show what makes your offering(s) special by highlighting customer success stories. People are more likely to make a purchase decision after watching testimonials. A testimonial video that demonstrates how a product, service, or business proved helpful to someone makes more impact on customers. In order to collect reviews from your clients, you should turn them into a ‘video testimonial’ and share it online via sites like Slideshare and YouTube with appropriate hashtags in social media posts. That’s it!

As a business, it’s important to be present and active on social media, as it gives you a chance to interact with potential leads and customers. As such, it’s important to have social media content that is engaging and interesting! The content listed above will help you to generate leads through social media. If you face issues while making content or need professional assistance, feel free to contact Root and Wings Media, the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi.

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