5 Simple SEO Tips to Rank your video on YouTube

Videos have become one of the most interesting and creative ways to showcase your brand’s message. With 1 minute video, you can easily convey what would have been written in 1000 words. Such is the power of video. Additionally, video grabs much higher user attention than plain text content. In the time when online users’ attention span is decreasing constantly, the video comes to the rescue. Video marketing has become a big deal in recent years. You need to learn how to use the right SEO Tips to get more leads.

SEO Tips

These SEO tips by Root and Wings Media, the Best Video Marketing Agency in Delhi, can help you rank for the best keywords on YouTube. It can help you get more viewers and more leads for your business.

Pick your keywords wisely:

Blindly making any video will not lead you anywhere. In case you didn’t know, SERPs are becoming increasingly competitive. Only the right keyword and extraordinary research will take you to your desired results. The best choice is keywords that are great in volume but miniature in competition. There are plenty of free tools to help you in doing keyword research. Some of those are word stream, Google, SEMrush. Other than those, you can go for some premium options for better research.

Your title must contain keywords:

The main reason behind writing the main keyword in the title is to make sure Google and other search engines pick it up. With this easy step, you would be able to come on top results. Most of the channels skip this step and as a result, their video comes down on search engine results. Keyword in the title ensures that video content matches with the intent of the user’s search. When these two match, your video will automatically rank above.

Name your video file smartly:

Just as important it is to put a keyword in the title, it is also important to put it into the video file name. YouTube uses it as one of its ranking factors. By doing this, you align your strategy with the YouTube algorithm and help it to rank your video higher.

Optimize video description:

Many people do not know but YouTube’s description is also one of the factors which contribute to ranking. YouTube evaluates every video and this includes descriptions too. The length of the description can be long or short, according to the video. But the main thing is to include important keywords in the first paragraph itself. If possible, try to include them in the first 2-3 sentences themselves.

Use relevant hashtags:

Hashtags (#) are now incorporated on social media to make it easier for users to find content related to their queries. Tags are clickable hashtags that help users search for content related to a specific topic. If a user searches for this particular tag, the page will be indexed as relevant and as such, indexed more by search engines! They help create a connection between viewers. When including hashtags in the video description, makes it easier for anyone searching a particular tag (thankfully!) to find your video. By adding select “tags” to your video’s title, they will become readable by anyone looking at the screen and can then be followed or searched easily too! These tags can be used in descriptions too. Using tags in your video description is a quick way to gain visibility on YouTube.

After reading this article you will be able to make a video that ranks on YouTube. You will be able to rank a YouTube video using SEO (search engine optimization) and it will be quick and easy. SEO is a great way to build your business or even just to start getting more traffic to your website. If you have any questions or need professional assistance in your video marketing strategy, feel free to contact Root and Wings, the best video marketing agency in Delhi.

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