Do not lag behind in event management with these 3 new age technologies

Event management has been in the market for centuries now. Companies who want more conversion or want the audience to aware of their product/services, host events now and then. The best example is Apple Event where every year the brand launches its new products. Thousands of people go to that event and millions watch it online. Live streaming of events has been the staple trend for many brands for some time now. And more new-age technologies are transforming the Event Management industry.

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Being the best Event Management Agency in Delhi, Root and Wings Media inculcates all the new trends to give the clients the best of experience. Below are the 3 new-age technologies that Root and Wings Media includes in its event management planning.

Live Streaming:

As we mentioned before, live streaming has been a trend for some time now. But it has got more attention in this pandemic. Many brands have shifted to either virtually host their events or do live streaming if they can not allow thousands of people into the event. Brands like Google, Facebook, and Demandbase have already begun their journey on this route. Live streaming has additional benefits like catering more people from the comfort of their home, engaging internationally, creating super hype on a low budget, etc.

Artificial Intelligence:

Sooner or later, we would be surrounded by AI. It has started to surround us as we write this. As per research, the AI market is growing to grow more than 190 billion USD by 2025. So, it is inevitable that AI won’t impact event management. As of now, AI has stepped into event management. It is helping the management companies to associate attendees with the field of interest to make sure that content reaches the best possible people. It streamlines the process of event management and the people associated with it.

Facial Recognition Technology:

As per the name, it is a technology that tracks and records the facial features of people. Though it is not 100% accurate it is quite helpful in day-to-day life. It is sure to revolutionize the concepts now. Due to pandemics, people are afraid of touching too many objects or waiting in queues. Facial Recognition Technology can help in contactless check-ins. But there are a lot of controversies surrounding this technology. Therefore, we have to be very cautious when it comes to integrating it with event management.

The world is becoming more tech-dependent, and so is event management. There are more than these 3 technologies that are transforming the genre. AR&VR, Live Translation, and much more are helping the events to be accessible to millions more. Root and Wings Media, the Best Event Management Agency in Delhi, is here to provide all necessary services to make your event tech-friendly. Contact us to know more about our services.

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