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Public relations is among the top priority things that get a good amount of budget from all the businesses. Public Relations, or PR, is the strategy to make sure the business has a good reputation in the market, gets over crisis (if any), and much more. The right PR technique can change the way your business is growing. It can make sure that you get more leads, sales, fame, and growth. PR is never a zero-budget marketing strategy.
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Many small and medium scale businesses do not have a big budget to invest in high scale PR but there are many other options that required less budget. Root and Wings Media , the best PR solution agency in Delhi, has helped many businesses with their PR management. With their years of experience in this field, they suggest the following public relations ideas for a low-cost budget:


Creating your own Wikipedia page is free and can fetch a lot of good points in PR. While making your page, you must include the company’s history and something about yourself and your team too. It creates a human touch and people know who is leading the company to success.


There is no other platform more professional than LinkedIn. Being on LinkedIn establishes authority and credibility. Most businesses use it for marketing and PR. You can help people through the platform, recruit new team members, and spread-out awareness about your business.

Press Releases:

Press Releases come in all shapes and sizes. For low and medium businesses too, press releases can be a great help to uplift themselves from the competition. You can start with a few press releases and then increase the number as your budget and profit increase. Giving an expert opinion on hot topics around your industry will boost credibility too.


Radio shows are also among public relations tactics. But, getting the right radio channel and topic is the key. Radio as a PR tactic is not for everyone. People who are engaged in the entertainment industry will find radio more useful than others.


Youtube is among the free PR service that you can start right now. Even with small video equipment, you can climb high. Although, it is said that only high-quality content matters on youtube but the reality is a decent edit video will do better. Quality and edit both fix the viewers to watch the video till the end.

Do not fall for the hype that only high-budget businesses do PR. Root and Wings Media, the Best Public Relations Agency in Delhi, has shown you how you can do your PR with zero budget. If you want to scale up your PR game, then Root and Wings Media is always there to help you. Contact them for more info.

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