Adjust Your Instagram Strategy With Our Tips For Explosive Growth

When was the last time you reviewed your Instagram strategy? Since debuting Instagram Reels in August 2020, the platform has continuously improved its short-form video offering, including increasing the maximum duration to 90 seconds and introducing features such as Remix and Dual. In December 2021, Instagram CEO Adam Mossier stated the social media platform’s intention was to increase its emphasis on video.

It is decoded by Root and Wings Media, the best social media marketing agency in Delhi, that the platform would continue to build Instagram Reels by consolidating Instagram video types around short-form content. So, here’s how you can adjust your Instagram strategy for explosive growth

Adjust according to the short-form grid

When was the last time you took a look at your Instagram strategy? Have you made any changes to your Instagram video? Over the last two years, Instagram has taken a number of deliberate moves into short-form video. Since the launch of Instagram Reels in August 2020, the platform has steadily upgraded its short-form video offering, including extending the maximum runtime to 90 seconds and introducing features like Remix and Dual.

Reels, reels and more reels

You’ll still have the option to publish an Instagram video post when you go to generate new video content in the Instagram app. However, if you record new video material or update an existing clip, Instagram will transform your post into a reel. If the video material you choose or recorded has a different aspect ratio than 9:16, you’ll be prompted to convert it to a full-screen Instagram video. You may absolutely preserve the current aspect ratio, but your material may not run properly in the Reels stream. Tap the full-screen option in the upper-justify corner to change your content to 9:16.

Remix reel and video

Want to convey your brand’s perspective on a current subject, offer useful advise, or take part in a meme? You may use Instagram’s Remix function to create content that responds to or expands on current Instagram videos. Find an original video to utilize as a starting point for your remix. As long as the remix option is active, you may remix your own Instagram videos as well as the material of other accounts. Select Remix This Reel from the three dots in the upper-right corner of the article.

Play with the stickers and emojis

While there aren’t as many sticker possibilities for Reels as there are for Instagram Stories, the balance is shifting as Instagram continues to bring out interactive alternatives for Reels. You may use emoji slides to inspire viewers to respond to your reel in addition to words and GIFs. You may utilize multiple-choice polls or quizzes to persuade students to select one option. The Add Yours sticker is another option for encouraging visitors to engage by submitting their own visual material.

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