How to use user-generated content in your content marketing

Content marketing is very important and can be very helpful when it comes to marketing a business. By using Content Marketing, you can help to reach potential customers. This is done by creating interesting content that can be shared across different social media platforms. There are various content types at your disposal. You just have to utilize them wisely. With user-generated content, you can encourage customers to share their content. This can help to spread your marketing message.

content marketing

content marketing

As per Root and Wings Media, the Best Content Marketing Agency in Delhi, user-generated content is one of the most effective ways to bring in new leads and build a community of brand advocates. Here are 5 ways that user-generated content can help you build a loyal community and improve your content marketing:

Using the reviews:

Over 70% of consumers check product reviews before making a purchase. Reviews on the internet show your future customers that your products and services are authentic and people rely on them. You can allow them to write reviews either on your website, Facebook page, or third-party review sites like Yelp, Google, etc. User-generated both onsite and off-site reviews might be important when it comes to conversions but as far as online sources are concerned you should try to work with Tungsten light reviews if you want the best possible return on investment when it comes down to building credibility online.

Run hashtag contests:

Try hosting contests! By popularizing certain hashtags on your social media channels, you can encourage followers to share content tagged with that hashtag. This will increase your follower engagement and boost brand awareness as a result. Contests like this allow users to submit content like photos/videos of themselves using a particular product in their life. Your favorite submissions can then win prizes which they won in exchange for sharing the original post. So, if you host the contest, be sure to update the post with details about how your followers can win!

Video content rules the internet:

Using video to create UGC is one of the best ways to help the public connect with you and your brand. They can help encourage greater engagement among your audience and build a stronger relationship between you and them. Based on Octoly’s findings, user-generated videos tend to garner 10 times more views on YouTube than official footage of brands. These types of videos can be especially powerful in helping a brand gain popularity. In addition, UGC videos offer people the chance to win rewards if their contributions go viral; this helps a company boost its following significantly. People want original perspectives that only they can offer while providing a unique perspective of your products as well as insight into how they’re used in real-life scenarios.

Let your audience compete:

Another way to engage users and encourage them to create more UGC, especially if you’re working with hospitality businesses like restaurants, is through gamification. Gamification is when brands offer their users points, badges, and unique features/opportunities based on the participation of that person and how they interact with your services. If done correctly, it serves as a reminder of what people can do to get recognized by your brand while cementing a sense of satisfaction that someone who is part of your community has accomplished something new or reached an important milestone.

Strike the cord on holidays:

The holiday season is a great time for retailers to bring out their best customers. The chances of getting positive reviews and recommendations go up during this time of year, allowing you to become more familiar with your potential audience. You can drive engagement this way by posing questions that spark conversations or encouraging users to submit image/video testimonials directly to your company’s Facebook/Instagram profile. This comes in handy when you’re looking to compile feedback on specific product lines or services. By drawing inspiration from similar popular brands like W Hotels, whose marketing strategies manage to show off their personality while they showcase the semi-sweet situation they’ve been through (pun intended), it becomes easier for online stores or companies with a digital presence to use social media as a platform for starting up valuable conversations.

If you want to improve your content marketing, but you don’t have the time or money to invest in creating original content, you can still achieve your goals by using other people’s content. You can use user-generated content within your marketing mix. We have described certain ways in which you can use UGC. By using user-generated content, you can build trust with your audience, improve your brand’s credibility, and increase your website’s authority. If you want professional assistance in utilizing UGC, feel free to contact Root and Wings Media, the Best Content Marketing Agency in Delhi.

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