How Google tools can help you become better at web development

If you are interested in becoming a web developer then the web is the best place to start. Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and covers a wide range of web-based services. Google offers a great number of free tools that are designed to help you in Web Development, marketing, and even project management. Whether you are new to the game or a veteran, these tools can really help you to get things done.

web development

web development

This blog by Root and Wings Media, the Best Web Development Agency in Delhi, is dedicated to the use of Google tools to help you work on web development faster and better. No matter what your skill level this blog will help you become a better web developer.

Utilize Google Workspace to share website specs:

Developing a comprehensive site specifications document is essential for any web development project. Use Google Docs to create technical documents. Google Docs works as an efficient word processing app from Google Workspace that lets you easily format the document the way you want with its lengthy toolbar. You will have the chance to share a secure link with anyone for feedback just in a few minutes. Every change you do in Docs is being saved in real-time.

Secure all your files with Google Drive:

Content on websites like marketing materials, other website content, images, videos, and animation can be just as important as your website itself if you want to reach your target market. Web developers invest a lot in specialized tools for the purpose of managing this sensitive data. Google Drive is a low-cost alternative. You can create a designated Google email account for a specific web development project and use the 15GB of free drive space to store content that is being worked on during that time period. Alternatively, you can create shared drives when you have a subscription to Google Drive. Google Drive offers straightforward file sharing with both internal and external collaborators which makes it more convenient than making separate accounts!

Make a dynamic website:

If you want to increase website traffic significantly, developers can create a dynamic app that personalizes content by tracking users who look at the pages on your site and making recommendations as to what else they may be interested in. You need to have advanced tools for people to use this technology, so creating a dynamic website also requires the right hardware with enough speed. Google App Engine and Cloud Run can store data through revision control similarly to Gitlab or Github without worrying about affecting live sites, which is necessary if the content is personalized.

Develop prototype collaboratively:

Developing a website prototype and collecting client feedback is an essential part of any web development project. If you’re using offline wireframing tools, like Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD or Axure RP, collaborate in real-time by utilizing the Present now feature within Google Meet. This will allow you to literally collaborate with the client on designing the best experience possible for their target audience. You and your client can work together to adjust and modify websites in real-time. This can be done by drawing designs directly onto Google Jamboard. Jamboard is a visual collaboration tool created by Google.

Improve scores with Google Sites:

You can be sure that your site will have a mobile option because with Google Sites every user will be able to access the content on your website without fail. The great thing is that you don’t need to put in any extra work. With Google Sites, all of the content is automatically adjusted accordingly onto whatever device the user decides to use. This ensures that whether they want to read your blog using their desktop or laptop computer or if they prefer using a tablet or smartphone, they’ll be able to do so at any time and anywhere! Not only this but with their increasing technology it’s now possible for you to make sure that mobile users are still able easily to contact you by making phone numbers on your site clickable.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog about how to become a better web developer. We’ve given you some great insights into how to use Google tools to help you on your journey. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your Web Development career. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Root and Wings Media, the Best Web Development Agency in Delhi, and get professional assistance.

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